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In an era within which remote working is the norm rather than exception, a functioning ERP becomes the lifeline of any organization. Real uptime of an ERP depends on two factors and those are availability of the system and user’s ability to use the system effectively.

In the sphere of IFS ERP,

  1. Functioning Database Server and Application Servers
  2. Well synchronized batch ques and connectivity messages
  3. Timely possessing of backgrounds jobs
  4. Optimum memory utilization represent the technical aspect of uptime.

If any of above is not functioning as expected, then uptime is compromised, and flow of business transaction is interrupted. Attentive and nimble ERP support operation should be capable of keep these functions and entities running throughout the business hours and beyond as some of the background processing happen outside business hours.

In the context of ERP fully functioning system does not necessarily mean fully functioning business operation. Performance of the business depends on ability of the users interact with the system effectively. When user is stuck cannot processed the transaction to next level, unlike in pre Covid 19 era now users do not have that colleagues she always turned to right beside her. Even that friendly and knowledgeable colleague may not be available online as she is working in completely different time schedule of her own.

Some of the most common issues users face,

  1. Inability to process the customer orders and invoice it
  2. Items are available in location but cannot be reserved
  3. Update general ledger function is not working and it prevent month end closing of books
  4. Not able to release the purchase order and receive goods
  5. Inability to view subordinate in employee file or in time registration

All above and many more alike prevent seamless flow of business transactions that are critical to delivery of services and goods. To stand up to this challenge organization need support and empower users with well-structured professional support operation that understand the flow of information, reporting hierarchies and true meaning of functional flows in the business.

Modern day professional ERP Support does not stop at providing guidance to user when they need assistance. Specially at SEBSA, ERP Support moves beyond traditional limitation of ‘reactive support’ to more proactive role of value generation. SEBSA ERP Support facilitate effective and efficient use of ERP Applications by providing,

  1. Data visualization and workflow management support
  2. Identify training needs of users and fulfilling them
  3. Highlighting the potential areas of automation and thereby improving user experience

To find about all these and more talk to us at SEBSA – ERP Support that defines success

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