SEBSA’s upgraded HQ comprises the latest equipment and amenities crucial to a growing IT company

SEBSA's newly upgraded HQ in Malabe comprises the latest tools and equipment that can comply with the intense computational, development and design demands of new IT technologies while incorporating an enjoyable and balanced work environment with state-of-the-art amenities for employees.

The most significant upgrade to the site is the installation of solar panels. With this transition towards renewable energy sources, the business can perform on clean energy without interruptions from the local power grid. The HQ also facilitates recreational activities for the staff to enjoy and wind down during breaks.

These improvements also reflect SEBSA's shift towards an open culture. Employees at all levels can connect and express ideas freely with each other to brainstorm and gain new perspectives. Regularly organised communal activities also promote openness and boost engagement among the employees.

The Malabe area, where the HQ resides, also has diverse transportation options. It makes the site easily accessible and reduces employee commute times. Employees also have the choice to work from home or office, adding even more flexibility to their lifestyle.

With these new upgrades, clients of SEBSA can expect an increased quality in services and deliverables and a significant reduction in downtimes and bottleneck scenarios.

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