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Application Support

Application support ensures uptime and interrupted flow of business by providing necessary support to users in critical business functions in ERP.

Technical Support

Technical support aimed at fulfilling operational and tactical level requirements of data visualization and process automation.


SAMS aims to provide complete repertoire of integrated tools and services which facilitate end to end ERP life cycle management. SAMS consists of application support, technical support and value-added services.

User support is the life blood of your Enterprise Application

We Offer


End User Support

Interactive help desk manned by experienced personnel that ensure maximum uptime.

Super User Support

Equip users with knowledge and skills to use ERP in more flexible and innovative manner at tactical and operation levels.

IFS Support

We Also Offer


Technical Upgrades

Uplifting of Customization


Specification Development

Testing and Verification



Quick Reports

Standard Reports

Custom Object Handling






Additional SAMS Services


In depth and systematic analysis of usage patterns serve as inputs to plan next IT initiative, opportunities for automation and system streamlining.


Designed to handle activities of internal IT Department such as contract management including service level agreements and timely updates to your ERP system.


Value Proposition

Highlights of Our
Support Offerings...

We operate in your time zone

We operate in your time zone

Europe, Asia Pacific, United State of America, Special arrangements for 24x7 or 24x5 support

We operate around the clock

We operate around the clock

Special arrangements can be made to accommodate 24x7 or 24x5 support

Flexible support agreements

Flexible support agreements

Focus on business continuity and mutual benefits rather than strict agreements

Experienced support professionals

Experienced support professionals

All support professionals command 6 years of IFS® experience on average

Clear service level agreements

Clear service level agreements

Outcome based mutual understanding to secure desired responsiveness

Maximum uptime

Maximum up-time

Committed to uninterrupted functioning of critical business operations

Tailormade support

Tailor-made support

Business are different and so as their internal processes. That entails unique support offering and we are prepared to provide exactly that

Enhanced user experience

Enhanced user experience

With right assistance when needed leads satisfying user experience