Beyond ERP


In an era of remote working and virtual navigation connectivity means everything. Be it IoT (Internet of Things), BoT (Behavior of Things) or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) the true value of any of these technologies depends on how connected they are with your core ERP or EAM solution. We at SEBSA ensure that main ERP/ EAM solution at center is seamlessly connected with human and non-human actors at periphery without room for any security vulnerabilities.

Beyond ERP

BI, BA and BR

Business Intelligences (BI), Business Analytics (BA)/ Business Reporter (BR) Services

To effectively navigate sea of data generated by core ERP/ EAM solution plus many interconnected complimentary systems and identify the correlations, regressions that matters most, make predictions based such findings and simulate different business scenarios require exceeding traditional boundaries of standard ERP/ EAM solutions and employing the services of business intelligence (BI) and business reporter (BR) tools. Depending on their organizational needs our customers use business intelligence tools ranging from inbuilt BI tools that comes with standard ERP/ EAM solutions to specialized products such Microsoft Power BI and Zoho BI and Analytic Services. SEBSA is you one stop shop for all your data analytic and business intelligence needs.

Microsoft Power BI

Zoho BI